Being Love


A Meditation Retreat for Connecting with the Heart

Date: March 15-17


Location: Nine Mountain Retreat Center



Would you like to be more open-hearted and accepting ? Are you looking to access the part of you that is pure love? Do you want to feel more centered and less affected by the behavior of others?

Our essence is love and we are born with an open heart. Throughout life we learn to rely on our minds more than our hearts, and we lose access to our greatest power. It is love that is the source of infinite possibilities and strength.

Meditation is one of the best tools for becoming aware of our patterns so we can make conscious choices about the way we show up in the world.

This retreat will allow you to connect with your heart and experience the power of love that is already within you. Using mindfulness meditation and guided imagery, we will explore what lies beyond our thinking mind, and how you can use that wisdom and power in your everyday life. We will also look at the obstacles that may be preventing us from being more open hearted. We will draw on the heart’s intuitive guidance, and find resonance between heart and mind.


What to expect:

  • Mindfulness meditation practices for greater clarity and connection with your authentic self
  • Guided imagery and journaling to facilitate healing of unresolved emotions
  • Heart to heart connections with other participants through group activities and discussions
  • Quiet self-reflection to access your intuition
  • Creative exploration of the Tarot and archetypes that can provide guidance for a heart centered life


If you are looking for more grounding and connection, this retreat may be for you. It is a great opportunity to immerse yourself in consecutive days focused on the beautiful and life-changing inner work. As we come together as a group, the energy we generate is amplified. Not only will you have your own experiences, you will actively witness another’s heart opening. In this format even deeper levels of awareness are experienced and deeper healing is available.


Your guide on this journey will be Emilia Sabatowska, LMHC who is a psychotherapist, meditation instructor, and the founder of Whole Living Center. Her work focuses on promoting empowerment and resilience through meditation and other personal growth practices.

The retreat will begin on Friday evening and finish on Sunday afternoon. It will take place at the Nine Mountain Retreat Center and the cost includes all meals. For more information about the retreat center, please visit: