Please Note: We do not offer psychedelic assisted therapy or provide referrals to “underground” (illegal) psychedelic services.We work from a harm reduction perspective, focusing on education, supporting healing, and minimizing risks of potential use.


Have you had a psychedelic experience and are looking for some support around processing it? Are you curious about psychedelics or know someone who uses them and wonder if they are safe?

The use of psychedelics in the United States is still outlawed outside of research settings. The reality is however, that many individuals continue to use these substances in a variety of settings, sometimes less than optimal. The reemergence of research on psychedelics has created an increased interest and willingness to experiment with non-ordinary states of consciousness.

Our goal at the Whole Living Center is to increase awareness, support positive change, and provide a safe, holding environment for community members who are curious about or who have had experiences with psychedelics. We offer services that support healing while reducing the risks of psychedelic use.



Psychedelic Education Group


This 4-week group will focus on exploring psychedelic research and discussing factors that minimize potential harms of unsupervised use. Each weekly session will consist of an educational component and time for discussion and questions. Participants will be encouraged to share personal knowledge and experiences. Some of the topics discussed will include: an overview of different types of psychedelics and their potential risks and benefits, the importance of set and setting and the role of peer support and safety.


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 Monthly Drop-in Integration Group

This group will allow you to make connections with other group members who have a relationship to psychedelics. Group discussions will focus on integrating insights or challenging experiences to support healing and growth.


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Individual Counseling

Individual sessions can be used for integration of psychedelic experiences. In a safe, professional, and non-judgmental environment, you may explore your concerns and process any emotions or insights. You may also want to clarify your desire to use psychedelics and learn alternative ways of accessing expanded states of consciousness.


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