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We currently accept the following insurance plans: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts,Tufts, Harvard Pilgrim, Beacon Health.

Emilia Sabatowska, LMHC Whole Living Center Founder Phone : 617-981-4287

In my holistic approach to treatment, I view health as a combination of mind, body and spirit, with each aspect being equally important. I work with you to help you recover your inherent wholeness and support you in identifying the thoughts, feelings and behaviors that prevent you from living a healthy and inspired life. We will explore any unresolved emotions and inner conflicts that interfere with your functioning. We will focus on behavior change and practical tools that you can incorporate in your daily life to feel your best.

Using solution focused approaches, we can also work on the accomplishment of any small or large goals that you envision for yourself. As an adjunct to therapy, you can choose to participate in health coaching sessions, to address any wellness goals you may have.

I currently do not accept clients for psychotherapy. 

Kelly Christian, LMHC Phone : 617-466-9794

I am continually amazed by the authentic human-to-human interaction that therapy embodies. I do not believe that I know more than anyone else, rather I believe therapy is a joint effort. I will help guide the process, but together we will create a therapeutic process that fits your unique needs and strengths. It is an empowering feeling to be a part of your own path of changing.

I work with children, adolescents, and adults in an individual, couples, or a family setting. I will work with you to help improve your overall functioning and ability to cope with whatever life throws at you. I utilize an interdisciplinary approach in a holistic manner to connect all the aspects of the mind, body, and spirit through engagement in a combination of talk therapy, mindfulness, and expressive art therapies. My background focuses on Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Trauma-based Expressive Arts, Grief and Loss, Eating Disorders, Learning Disabilities, Anxiety and Adjustment related disorders, Depression, and Mood disorders. I invite anyone to start their own journey towards new understanding and awareness in their lives; it’s an exciting beginning.

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Amanda Beardsworth, LICSW Phone : 617-299-0230

I am a family centered therapist with seven years of experience providing intensive therapeutic services to children, adolescents, individuals, and families.  I work with young people and adults who struggle with social skills, regulating mood, managing mental illness, and have behavioral and relational difficulties.

I take an active role in helping to identify maladaptive relational patterns in order to assist in building positive experiences and communication with loved ones. I encourage self-expression and explore positive coping skills in an open, safe, and accepting environment for both children and adults. I am warm, engaging, and welcome all who come through the door with genuine compassion and curiosity. I specialize in: Child/adolescent and family therapy, Complex trauma, Mood disorders, Personality disorders.

To inquire about availability, please call: 617-299-0230 or email:

Jonathan Farr, LMHC Phone : 617-329-1075
Each of us has many parts that work with your core self to make decisions, develop beliefs, and experience life. If you’re struggling to find harmony, I can help. We will examine your thoughts, feelings, wants, and needs—and then explore ways you can make the changes you want. Because so much in this world is vying for your attention, my job is to help you listen to yourself.

I have considerable experience with AD/HD, anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, and substance use. I’m comfortable working with a wide variety of ages and backgrounds, and I also bring to my work a strong understanding of issues related to race, ethnicity, and LGBT+ identities.

Therapy is about paying more attention to strengths than to deficits. If life is an uphill battle, then maybe we can start by acknowledging all that effort that you’ve spent trudging up that hill. I am very excited to learn about your journey, and I see therapy as two experts working together toward a common goal. If I am an expert in mental health, you are the expert in your own life. I look forward to exchanging that expertise with you.

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Katie Infantine, LICSW Phone : 617-237-0498

Are you seeking a deeper connection with the parts of yourself that call for healing? Are you motivated for change and to strengthen your capabilities? I aim to enhance your self awareness so that you may better understand and accept yourself, ultimately leading to a healthy, balanced and peaceful life. I work with adult individuals who experience anxiety, depression, difficulties in relationships, loss or trauma, low self esteem, exhaustion and other problematic symptoms.

I believe the relationship between an individual and therapist is the most important feature of a successful and fulfilling experience in therapy. I work to create and sustain a safe, accepting and trusted space for individuals to explore their concerns. We will work together to clarify goals, develop creative solutions, process your emotions, draw on your strengths, and celebrate your successes.

I use an approach based in Narrative therapy, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Strengths-Based Perspective, and Solution-Focused Therapy. I also utilize relaxation, meditation, expressive arts, and guided imagery techniques. I integrate practices depending on the individual and presenting concerns. We will consider biological, psychological, social, spiritual, and cultural qualities for a holistic perspective in the setting of your individual experiences.

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Samantha Levin, LMHC Phone : 617-982-3756

My approach is gentle and compassionate and focuses on active listening, problem solving, coping skills development and gaining insight into how past experiences influence the present. I use a variety of treatment approaches with my clients, incorporating a lot of CBT skills, along with strength based and solution-focused therapy. I work with adolescent and adult clients and provide individual or family therapy. I work with individuals with varying mental health needs, including anxiety, depression, attachment-related issues, trauma, and relationship issues. Exploring and learning about yourself can be a challenging and emotional experience, but it can also be a rewarding experience as well. I appreciate you letting me into your life to help with this process. I look forward to hearing your story and working together.

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Ashley M. Weaver, MA, R-DMT Phone : 617-401-7701

The therapy session is a time and space one sets aside to focus on self. To be with self. And to build one’s self. It can be challenging to reflect on patterns, thoughts and emotions, relationships, past events and/or change, but it can also be transformative and rewarding. The therapeutic process is a new experience that can be fun, creative, and meaningful. My role as your therapist is to witness your process and to reflect back with you along the way. The therapeutic relationship is an essential piece of my practice and is built on honesty, trust, empathy, and compassion.
I provide traditional talk therapy sessions using an open, person-centered, Humanistic psychotherapeutic approach. Gestalt Therapy, psychodynamic theory, narrative therapy, CBT, and other fundamental frameworks inform my work. I use these methods in conjunction with Expressive Arts Therapy, which is the true core of what I do. Art, music, visualization, movement, drama, dance, writing, and sound are some of the modalities I utilize to help foster a creative process. When applied therapeutically, a creative process can help a person heal, open up to change, and may offer new feelings, thoughts, insights, and perspectives. As a Dance/Movement Therapist, I specialize in using movement as a tool to identify, explore, and shift the way one relates to self, other, and the surrounding environment. I believe engaging in an integrative, body based psychotherapy process is a direct and effective

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