Testimonials and Reviews


“Angelica is the best. She is most of all professional, but she clearly cares about her clients’ wellbeing. She is empowering, engages me on my level and encourages me to accept and meet challenges. She always validates my feelings and my experience. She is up-front about her philosophy and about the nature of life, and it is this honesty that encourages me to come back. She knows I’m existential and addresses my existential angst with honesty and honest engagement. She also caught some codependent behavior on my part, I think, and corrected for that promptly. I was a little confused and hurt until I realized that she was giving me the opportunity to develop more trust in myself and my ability to take care of myself. This was a great gift to me. If there were a fan club for Angelica, I’d be in it”


“Ariana was very down to earth and nonjudgemental. I think she was really genuine and wanted to help me work through the issues I am facing.  I think Ariana is a good fit for members of the LGBTQ+ community. She was open-minded about my transition and willing to accomodate to my needs in regards to my preferred name and pronouns. Overall, it was very easy to open up to her and to speak my mind without any hostility or sense of judgement. ”


“Emilia is a gifted listener who also offers very insightful questions.  Emilia brings a genuine interest and care in my well-being. She offers a grounded presence which is calming.  Emilia holds out strength which is reassuring for me at the times I’ve needed it the most”


“Sara was very open and asked good probing questions. She also showed real empathy.”


“Accessible location, approachable and structured sessions focused on solutions and coping skills”


“I liked your genuine interest in trying to help me with my life issues”


“My therapist was very open and understanding. She provided techniques in handling stress or anxiety. Her office hours were flexible”.


“Emilia is patient and open. Friendly, but not patronizing”.


“I appreciated your great ability to serve, without adding additional agenda”.


“I found your approach of focusing predominantly on the present vs. exploring the past to be very grounding”.




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