Therapeutic Writing Workshop

Within a small group, we will together explore writing exercises and their therapeutic benefits. You can expect to engage in dialogue with other participants about your life experiences, as well as keep some thoughts private. We will analyze poems/ short stories, write our own, craft letters, journal, and use prompts to dig into ourselves a bit. We will take note of ourselves throughout the process – how the writing and sharing made us feel – before, during and after. You will leave with some beautiful, raw writing, a renewed spirit, and a deeper understanding of yourself and those around you.


When is it?

Sunday 2.26.17

Sunday 3.5.17

Sunday 3.12.17

What time?



How much?

$100 for the 3 sessions


What do I need to bring?

An open mind and a willingness to be stretched. Also, feel free to bring a mug for tea!


The workshop is led by Andrea Mellonakos, LCSW. She can be reached at