Counseling is a way to help us find the confidence to become our most Authentic Self. Having someone who is there as an unbiased supportive presence can help us make the choices to a more authentic and joyful life. I believe it is imperative to create a therapeutic space where all of our intersecting identities feel comfortable and understood. From this space we can begin to cultivate self-compassion, understanding, and accountability through multiple integrated techniques (CBT, movement, narrative, mindfulness). Bringing your whole self, a sense of humor, and working together is all we need to make therapy a rewarding experience.


I am passionate about providing therapeutic spaces to all intersecting identities who are looking for mental health support, esp. Queer and Trans* individuals. As a sex/kink-positive, intersectional therapist, I believe I provide a very inclusive space for anyone to heal in. Without including one’s entire identity we cannot provide them with adequate care.


It can be difficult to take the next step towards therapy, but afterwards there will be someone there to support you through any transitions or difficulties that lie ahead. I would love to be the therapist there for you.

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