I believe that an authentic therapeutic relationship is integral to the healing process. In our work together, you will take a collaborative approach in promoting self-awareness, personal growth and positive change.

Your treatment will be individualized to your specific needs and goals and you will play a vital role in the process, co-creating ways to move forward that allow you to let go of the old patterns and habits that prevent you from true self-actualization.

My approach is trauma-informed with an emphasis on relationships and attachment patterns. I utilize Psychoeducation and an eclectic combination of Somatic Awareness, Presence and Mindfulness, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Art & Writing Therapies. I enjoy working with diverse populations, including the LGBTQI community and people living with disabilities. My hope is to assist those who are striving to deepen personal insight and navigate the challenges that life can bring.

Not accepting new clients.