How do I schedule an appointment?

Step 1: Choose a therapist you want to meet with. Prior to scheduling an appointment with them, please contact them directly by email, or email to get help with finding someone who is available. If you have previously been seen at Whole Living Center and want to switch to a different therapist, please email to facilitate the switch. You will be unable to schedule with someone else unless we transfer your record to your new therapist.

Step 2: Request a session online by creating an account with our client portal. When requesting an appointment, note that you will be required to enter your credit card so we have it on file. Note that your card will ONLY be charged after an appointment if you have a copay or are choosing to self-pay, or if you are charged a fee for a late cancellation or no-show to an appointment. Your therapist will share our practice policies with you regarding payment and their fees.

If the therapist you wish to see does not have their available appointments posted online, please send them an email regarding scheduling. Some therapists prefer to communicate with potential clients by email prior to scheduling.

Step 3: After your appointment is approved, please complete all the paperwork that is sent to you by your therapist as soon as possible. All forms need to be signed and fully completed before your first appointment. If you are using insurance, we will need that information, as well as your date of birth and mailing address, so please ensure this information is entered correctly. If any information is missing and we are unable to submit insurance claims, you will be billed at a self-pay rate of $150/appointment.

Please verify that your therapist accepts your insurance plan and that you have active coverage. If you have any questions regarding your insurance, please email our billing department at If your session is not covered, your credit card will be charged for the amount due, so please stay informed about your insurance benefits to prevent any surprise bills.

Step 4: You should receive an appointment confirmation and a reminder 48 hours before your session. If none is sent to you, please contact your therapist.

If you have additional questions or concerns while scheduling an appointment, please contact for assistance.

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