Sophie believes in providing a space that is respectful, caring and kind. She works to deeply understand your feelings and experiences, in order to offer effective interventions tailored to meet your needs. Throughout the therapeutic journey, Sophie is by your side available to hold space for all the different human experiences that can include times of joy, humor, sadness, anger, or stress, just to name a few. Sophie values working towards both acceptance and change at the same time, validating your emotions and feelings while also teaching new tools and skills needed for growth, healing, and personal empowerment.

Sophie is a mental health counselor who embraces the whole person, mind, body, and soul/energy. Through the use of art therapy; mind/body work including mindfulness, guided mediation, and body tapping (meridian tapping and EFT); as well as cognitive tools (CBT, DBT, and ACT), one can reach deeper levels of self-awareness and healing within. ​

Wherever you are on your journey, Sophie honors creating a safe space where you are heard, seen, and supported. It can be hard to reach out for help for the first time or again; know you are not alone and there is a safe soft place for you to land and reconnect to authentic self and wellness.

Accepting new clients.

Insurance accepted: Aetna